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Unlimited Web Hosting Provider Concept


What means UNLIMITED and how our customers receive UNMETERED RESOURCES? You want to know more about our Hosting Concept, how we work and how we are able to provide Unlimited Web Hosting products? Read here to learn more about our Business Concept.



We don't like restrictions at all and want everybody to start publishing on the Internet without being limited to resources and service features. Our goal is to make Web Hosting affordable without excuses and additional cost for over usage. With us; customers do not need to focus on the consumption and used resources. We give all customers the chance to fully concentrate on their website projects and the realization of business ideas within a fixed final price including all required resources and features at no additional cost!



Anything 'Unlimited' sounds fantastic, it feels too good to be true doesn't it?

Every hosting package uses shared resources i.e. multiple users share hosting packages on the same server. As technology and the capabilities of our servers continue to grow, we can continually allow you to do more with your hosting package and its bandwidth. This means that we can offer practically unlimited resources for legitimate users of our hosting products who use them for the right purposes.  The right question is not whether it's really unlimited but whether the consumer is using it keeping in mind the acceptable use limitations of a shared hosting package. If they are, then yes, we are truly unlimited. Unlimited plans include a variety of resources and features which will not be metered such as Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited Email Accounts, etc.

So what does 'Unlimited' really mean and what is Unlimited Hosting?

All technical resources are technically limited by nature. But we do accurate data logistics and plan according to our customers needs to fulfill the expectation of all clients world wide. So UNLIMITED means simply that we do not put additional cost if you require more resources or features for your project. Your web hosting plan will grow as you and your business grow and will never limit resources which you will need to succeed. Just understand our concept as a social sharing between all customers through all our operated servers. Everybody is paying the same price and can use what she/he needs. Someone will use more space another one will be satisfied with a small simple website, therefore we will never reach any technical limitation.


We do even not oversell our servers! We are experts and plan well to keep the servers performance up with the target to provide the same quality and speed to every customer. Therefore we are operating different server bases for our products to keep free resources available for new customers if another server reached the performance limits. Furthermore we are monitoring all servers 24 hours every day and take immediate action whenever any technical cause occurs.

What does 'Unlimited' not permit?

Every hosting package comes with a set of "Acceptable Use Policies" (AUPs) that must be agreed upon before purchase of the package has been completed. Listed below are some specific examples of things that are not allowed:

    •   Websites with file upload / sharing / backup / mirroring / distribution service.
    •   Sites created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
    •   Making account resources available (whether for free or paid) to the general public.


It isn't an exact science how we determine what acceptable use limitations are but something we have learnt from years of experience as a Hosting Provider out there. For example, we have determined that anyone using high amounts of disk space which is more than the average of the users who operate a professional website is likely to be using our servers as a backup device or to serve video content and such and that is not an acceptable use case for our shared hosting service. We have set similar limits for these and other parameters for example inodes.


What does it mean for our customers?
For most users our hosting packages shouldn't be a problem and our unlimited parameters will never reach its threshold or 'soft' limit so to speak. Selling hosting as unlimited is a way of letting the legitimate consumer know that they don't have to sit and calculate what each parameter does; they can just buy the unlimited package and it will work for them. This is how the industry has evolved over time. Nonetheless, if you do manage to hit our resource limits while legitimately hosting a website with us feel free to get in touch with us and we will make sure we provide you with the best solution possible! For further questions contact us through the
Service Area of this website.




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