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Payment Information


Find answers about the payment of your invoices... offers you all the most common payment methods and you can decide for yourself how you would like to pay your bills.

As soon as a new invoice has been created for your customer account, we will send you an email with further information. From this moment the invoice information are also available online at the Customer Service Panel (CSP). You can easily log in with your personal customer details:




In addition to all invoices, you can also find useful information about your bookings as well as personalized offers and the options to pay your invoices in the Customer Service Panel (CSP). How this works exactly will be explained below!




Customer Service Center


Get quick help with payment questions...

The Customer Service Center looks forward to your message and will be glad to help you with questions about our payment options or in case of any aproblems.


► Customer Service Center




Prepaid Account


The credit account with Prepaid Payment Concept...

All payments received by us for your customer number will be credited to your customer account. This means that you have access to existing credit balances automatically for each payment operation.

In the case of important contracts, you no longer have to worry about the payment deadlines as in the case of renewal bills, because you can make provisions by topping up your credit account with the required amount in due time.

You can then use the existing balance to settle newly created invoices directly. You therefore no longer have to perform manual payments or wait for the timely credit of a payment. The credit is also available for new orders and can be refunded on request.

Important note: An automatic payment with existing credit is not done by us! If you wish to renew an existing booking or to clear an open invoice, you must log in to the Customer Service Panel in order to make the payment manually from the existing credit balance.


All you have to do is recharge your credit account with the desired amount...


After your login in at the Customer Service Panel (CSP), you will find further details and the current balance of your prepaid account:  


► Prepaid-Credit Account 




Payment Options





Valued Pay /
















Some Manual Payments require you to notify us after you made the payment. Sometimes it is not possible to mention reference numbers for the payment such as Customer ID and Order Number. Is this the case we appreciate your notification in advance addressed to the Head Quarters - Clearing Department:


► Payment Notification Service


Please take into consideration; may additional fees or cost will occur by choosing any Payment Method. Ask the Service Provider or your Bank in advance for the pricing of the requested service. The cost for payment services can not be reduced from the actual invoice. The coverage of additional costs reside on the customers responsibility!


Payment options can always be retrieved by the Customer Service Center at any time. You can pay directly using the above payment methods or charge your customer account with the desired amount. This service is offered as a pre-paid credit account and offers the option to make prepayments for your product subscriptions, which are automatically billed with newly created invoices in your customer account.


Refund & Payment Claim
All overpaid, unused or credited amounts are generally credited to your customer account. The current credit can be used for future payments or be repaid to you on explicit request. All repayment must be requested through the Customer Service Panel (CSP).



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