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The Economy Plan is our most popular hosting package including great unlimited Hosting features. It's the most suitable plan for greater Private Websites, Blogs, Service Operators and Small Businesses and Organizations. Providing 24 is your International Low-Cost Hosting Provider with cheapest pricing and always best quality in place. Try us and benefit form unlimited resources, best performance and 1000's of new options within today's pricing model. If you have any question about our products or the ordering procedure; contact us through the Service Area!


Order the Economy Unlimited Hosting Plan and click the order button end of this list. The order procedure will collect all required information and provides you with further options for your web hosting account and domain registration. After ordering with us you will receive a summary of all details and further information to your registered email address!





Plan Feature List











 Main Features


Unlimited Webhosting



 Control Panel




Main Features are the general resource information of this Web Hosting Plan including:


Web space (also known as “disk space”) is the amount of space you’re entitled to use on the Web host’s server. Every account comes with unlimited webspace.


Monthly Traffic (Bandwidth) is also called “data transfer”. Every time the server sends a bit of your Website data to a user’s browser or the user sends data to your webhost, it counts toward your monthly traffic allotment.


Domains inclusive for Free are the Domains we register for your Web hosting Account at no cost. Allowed Domains are the maximal amount of Domains which you can host in your account.


Website Builder lets you create professional websites with designer grade build-in templates. 1-Click Installer lets you setup scripts from a huge resource within seconds.


Website Transfer is our Free Service Add-on if you are coming from another host. We transfer your Website Data to your new Webspace.

 Web Space (*)




 Bandwidth (Traffic) (*)




 Free Inclusive Domains (1)


1 (Life Time)


 Domains Allowed (3)




 Website Builder



 1000's Website Templates






 Free Website Transfer (4)



 Management Features



 Email Accounts




Management Features are technical accounts and functions for operation of Emails, Databases and File Transfer which you can create in your Web Hosting Control Panel.


The mentioned amount for the respective service is the allotment for how many accounts you can create within this service.

 MySQL Databases




 FTP Accounts




 Cron Jobs




 Sub Domains




 Email Features





 Web Mail



Email Features are the functional settings to operate Email Services on your Web Hosting Account. Your Web hosting supports different Email Server protocols to send and receive emails from any devise or web interface.


All Web Hosting Accounts include a professional Web Mail Interface to access your Emails from everywhere.


We provide highest Spam Protection for your email accounts with a Smart Spam Filtering Technology and self learning settings which you can modify in your Web Hosting Control Panel.


You can change the MX Settings of your Domain at any time through your Web Hosting Control Panel.




 Mobile Access






 Email Forwarding



 Email Alias



 Catch-All Email



 Anti-Spam Features

 Anti-Virus Scanning






 MX Entry Access



 Site Management





 Domain Parking (3)



Site Management Features are important functions for professionals to support your online operations and include individual access to special settings for security, backup and restore, customizable error pages, logs and web analytics, browser supported interfaces and helpful tools.


With the One-Click Installer you can instantly setup a great Community, Business Software, Blogs and Ecommerce Shops or professional CMS Websites. No experience or specific knowledge is required, the installer does all the work for you.

 Directory Protection



 IP Deny Firewall






 Webalizer Statistics



  Log Files



 Custom Error Pages



 phpMyAdmin GUI



 Hotlink Protection



 Leech Protection



 File Web Manager



 Software Packages (1-Click):



 - Content Management Systems



 - Ecommerce Web Shops



 - Forums, Blogs, Boards



 - Portals & Communities



 Operative Features






Operative Features are the technical functions related to the root of the servicing devise (server). The here mentioned features are preinstalled and available for every Web Hosting Account to ensure proper operations for the most scripts and modern websites.


Perl, CGI and PHP allow you to use different modern programming languages to create and operate a website or online service.


Many features are available as a standard; including Security, Domain and DNS Settings, Programming Language Support, Hosting Automatization Support...













 GD Library



 .htaccess Support



 Server Side Includes (SSI)



 Ruby on Rails (RoR)



 DNS Zone Editor



 Virus Scanner



 Service Details



 Manuals, Tutorials & Online Help



Service Details provide you with an approach of the contractual summary for every plan we offer. All service related information are mentioned in this area, including:


Service and Support by experienced technical staff, subscription details, available duration, pricing (broken down on a monthly basis) and payment term.


As longer the chosen Subscription Period the cheaper the monthly price of the plan. We give more than 5 % discount on every month and year; which is subscribed above 1 year of hosting. So you will get with 2 year subscription more than 5 % discount on the monthly price; with the 3 years plan you will get more than 10 % discount on the monthly price of the annual plan.




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 24/7 Customer Support



 24/7 Technical Support



 Addons & Upgrades Available



 Plan Upgrade Possible



 3 Years Subscription (2)


€ 3.50 / Month


 2 Years Subscription (2)


€ 3.70 / Month


 1 Year Subscription


€ 3.90 / Month


 Initial Setup Cost




 Payment Term (*)


Subscribed Period in Advance


Get Started


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(1) Free Domain Name .com, .net, .org, .eu, .de with qualifying plans for life-time as long as the hosting plan is renewed. Free Domains are automatically renewed as long as the hosting plan is renewed. If no domain is registered with us we allow external domains to be forwarded or a Providing 24 sub-domain.

(2) 5 % discount on the monthly price you get when you buy a plan with a longer payment term e.g. 2 or 3 years.

(3) Domain Hosting; the chosen plan will allow the amount of domains which can be hosted as parked or add-on domain.

(4) Free Website Transfer Service is available for existing websites on external hosts. This service doesn't include installation or re-installation of scripts but the complete transfer of all data up to 500 MB.


* All unlimited features are subject to the Fair Use Policy! Every plan comes with unlimited webspace for Websites, Files, Emails and Databases.

Promotional prices apply for the first subscription period only (if not mentioned differently) after which then default pricing shall apply. The current prices for the applicable service packages are subject to change at the sole discretion of Providing 24. These offers are only valid for new online purchases at and available with annually, biennially, triennially subscription period. All subscriptions are billed in advanced for the chosen subscription period. Customers may cancel their subscription prior at least 4 weeks before end of the subscription period. Cancellations can be made in the Customer Service Panel (CSP). Promotions, Discounts or Free Add-ons shall be applied in shopping cart by using a Promotion Code and must appear in the order summary before confirmation.  Promotions cannot be combined with any other offer. Additional terms and conditions may apply to the promotions.


See Terms and Conditions for our Products and Acceptable Use Policy


Advanced Guarantee


Advanced Technology


Advanced Security

    •  24/7 Support Service


    •  Leading Control Panel Interface


    •  Advanced Spam Blocking

    •  24/7 Service Monitoring


    •  Site Builder with 1000s Templates


    •  Advanced Firewall

    •  99% Uptime Guarantee


    •  1-Click Script Installer


    •  Highly Secure Data Center

    •  No Hidden Fees


    •  Fast & Reliable Global Server


    •  IP Deny Service

    •  Renewal Rate Lock


    •  Double Data Protection


    •  Malware Scanning